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Fact or Fiction

According to consulting firm KPMG and the Center for Automotive Research in Michigan, consumers can expect to see "self-driving" cars on dealer showrooms in 2019 and more developed infrastructure by 2025 to handle the driverless autos. They are being tested in the US, UK and other parts of the world currently. Some of the interesting implications and foresight with self-driving autos will alter the economy and travel. For example, the "sd' car will weight much less, be quicker and cheaper to produce, have less steel, go faster and be more fuel efficient because it will not be allowed to have an accident! For example, safety devices like airbags will be eliminated. The automated cars will travel in packs—bumper to bumper at higher speeds on the infrastructures designed for them. No need for stop lights, controlled access, parking lots etc. The automated car will drop you off at the mall, self park and pick you up when you have finished shopping. The computer systems will schedule, plan and control your entire driving experience. You can work or sleep while you travel—your choice!

There will be less need for highway patrol and enforcement personnel, lowering these costs but cities will have to adjust to no "speeding fine" revenues. There will be driverless networks that you will join, subscribe or utilize to move you and your car to its destination. It will work like your driverless—touchless car wash on a large scale. There will be no need for liability insurance and body shops will need to find something else to repair. The techie cars will need service employees and computer geeks.

The blind, handicapped and youthful operators will have low-cost transportation without regard for MVRs, DUIs, speeding violations etc. If you think it won't happen, jog your memory about your first cordless phone, cell phone or smart phone or office computer!!