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Happy & Sad Times

Spring and the coming months are filled with celebration by millions of young people to include proms, graduations, weddings, summer vacations, Memorial Day and the Fourth of July.

Unfortunately this time of year is the most
dangerous times for teenagers and young drivers. Alcohol, marijuana and other drugs are a contributing factor according to several studies including the Governors Highway Safety Association. SADD and insurance companies are concerned according to a recent survey which found 25% of teens admitted to driving under the influence of marijuana, 23% admitted to driving while using prescription drugs and 15% to drinking and driving. Ironically, ninety-one [91%] of teens consider themselves "safe & cautious" drivers but they don't consider alcohol, marijuana or other drugs a distraction or deterrent to their driving ability.

This is worrisome and does
not include cell phones and texting as added driving distractions. The Governor's Highway Safety Association found an alarming 19% increase in the number of teen driver deaths in the first half of 2012. An increasing number of teens admit to extremely unsafe driving habits, completely dismiss any risk concern and yet still consider themselves safe drivers. This is a growing problem.

These teen
drivers consider themselves safe drivers, which means they either have a different understanding of the definition of "safe" or somebody has to do a better job of educating kids about the danger of this type of behavior.