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November is 'Hit a Deer' Month

November is the most dangerous month for deer hits because deer are moving. Hunting season in ND begins November 9th, deer are weaning their young and deer are in the rutting season.

Deer accidents in November are 300% more likely than in other winter months. June is the 2
nd most dangerous month. The most dangerous time of the day is from sundown until 9-10:00 pm.

Defensive driving tips include slower speeds in "deer zones" and during night driving. Drive with lights on high beam as much as possible. Brake but do not swerve to avoid deer. Watch for more deer if one is sighted.

The ND Game and Fish has reduced the deer licenses for 2012 to only 65,000 which is 45,000 less than last year. A lower harvest could mean more deer next spring and summer depending upon the winter, disease and birthrate. At any rate,
North Dakota is ranked 11th nationally for deer hits. Minnesota is ranked 8th while South Dakota is ranked 2nd behind West Virginia.