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Five Affordable Care Act Scams

Sixty to 75% of Americans are confused about the Affordable Care Act. There are deadlines such as enrollment windows, colored plans, navigators, marketplaces and jargon that play into the hands of the fraud scammers worldwide. Here are five current scams:

[1] The fake "Obamacare Card" or "insurance discount card".
There is NO such thing as an ACA card. These scammers want the consumers' money and personal information so they offer a free card but need the info. Because Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid use a Social Security number, the Affordable Care applicant assumes a SSN is needed
[2] The "information update" scam targets senior citizens on Medicare and threatens loss of existing benefits if they don't respond to the caller. These are cold caller scams to which the best defense is to hang up on the caller
[3] The fake "Navigator" scam is a cold caller pretending to help consumers "transition into the Affordable Care Act". These scammers are impersonating real navigators and stealing money and personal information. This scam is easy because the public has heard about "Navigators" and the "Marketplace or Exchanges" on
the news every day promoting Obamacare. They assume Navigators are good, well-meaning assistors! WRONG
[4] Fake coverage, enrollment fees and mandatory payment scams. These heavy handed scammers want up-front payments wired by Western Union and even threaten jail time if fees are not paid
[5] The fake Health Exchange Website is used to mimic
real sites but instead steals the user's personal information and infects their computer with malware. These are unsolicited emails and email attachments which should never be opened. Consumers are under the assumption that "time is running out" for enrolling in the ACA so they fall for these scams.

Consumers have until next March 31, 2014 to enroll so they need
to resist any pressure by anyone who encourages them to "act now or miss out".