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Rationing or Re-Engineering?

Health care system specialists are rethinking the delivery of care and the costs associated therewith whether it be private insurers and/or the government. "We think the future of health care is going to be rationing or re-engineering" said the chairman and CEO of the Kaiser Foundation recently. Health care systems need to rethink what they do with cost controls imposed by the government, employers or the public. Will rethinking mean more out of hospital, clinic and even doctors office testing? Will private sector testing such as blood, x-ray, and monitoring be done at shopping centers like Wal-Mart or via the internet? Will smart phones and internet access enhance medical treatments at a fraction of the cost? Will the brightest and best health care providers be available to "Joe SixPack" in the badlands of New Mexico via real-time re-engineering of health care? Will serious medical procedures be moved overseas due to less regulation, lower costs and rapid transportation? Will there be Emergency Room hubs to tend to life threatening events while all others will be move to lower costs facilities possibly in India, China and Mexico or off shore? Re-engineering will have to take place because the alternative will be cost prohibitive rationing. Much like the "circuit riding doctor" of the late 1800's maybe a circuit traveling clinic, hospital, flotilla, train, or semi truck will be in your neighborhood?